Verona Capsules for Erection Disorder and Sexual Weakness in Male

Sexual Weakness in Male

Best Medicine for Erection Disorder and Sexual Weakness in Male

Verona is produced by Herbion, which contains purely botanical drugs. It is a biostimulator and revitalizer, acting on the vital body organs. It improves morphological deficiencies and count of sperms and also increase fertility in male. Verona actually increases an enzyme in our brain and liver, which is Succinate Dehydrogenase (SDH). Verona simply increases male sperms and improves erection disorder and sexual behaviour.

Note:Verona is not an instant stimulant but which acts gradually and steadily increase the function of vital organs of our body. 

Precaution:Do not Use Any Medicine without Doctor’s Prescription 

 Verona Capsules


Verona Capsules for erection disorder
Each capsule contains
Ext. Tribulus terrestris (Khar Khask) 300mg
Ext. Withania somnifera (Asgand) 100mg
Mucuna pruriens (Hab-ul-kula)25mg
Argyreia speciosa (Samander Sokh) 60mg
Processed in
Mucuna puriens (Hab-ul-Kula)
Orchis mascula (Salab Misri)
Crocus sativa (Zafran)
Tribulus alatus (Gokhru Kalan)
Withania Somifera (Asgand)
Sexual and mental weakness, Muscle and joint pain, Erection Disorder
Rough Diagnose


Erectile function disorder, Sexual and General Neurasthenia
According to doctor’s prescription 
Per tablet price in Pakistan
Tribulus Terrestris: According to Gauthaman’s studies in 2002-2006, Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone level, which improves male sexual behaviour.
Withania Somnifera: According to Gayatri Ganu research in 2010, Withania Somnifera enhance libido and also increase sexual performance. It also helps in erection and increase spermatogenesis.
Argyreia Speciosa: According to Subramoniam research in 2007, Argyreia Speciosa can increase enhance male sexual activity in Mice, which means it can also improve sex in male.
Mucuna Pruriens: According to Misra L in 2007 and Pugalenthi M in 2005 studies, Mucuna Prurien can increase number of sperm in male.