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Typhoid and Pneumonia

Supramox (Amoxycillin): Best Antibiotic For Typhoid and Pneumonia

Supramox: Best Alternative Of Amoxil Supramox is another antibiotic agent, which contains amoxycillin. It is being used to treat different types of infection caused by germ positive and negative bacteria. Bacteria commonly caused upper and...
Pain Killer Medicine For Adults

(DOLO-K): Best Pain Killer Medicine For Adults

DOLO-K: Best Pain Killer Medicine DOLO-K is a pain killer medicine produced by Bosh Pharmaceuticals Industry. It contains diclofanic potassium, which is being used to reduce body pain. This medicine is being given to all...
Beautic Cream for dark skin patches on face

(Beautic Cream) Best Remedy For Dark Skin Patches And Spots

Beautic Cream Beautic Cream is a product of Focus & Rulz, which is given to melasma patients to paleness face and body skin. This cream is given to...