ARINAC: Best Medicine For Flu, Fever and Cold

Best Medicine for flu

Best Medicine For Flu, Fever and Cold

ARINAC is produced by Abbott and this series contains ARINAC Syrup, ARINAC TAB and ARINAC Forte. ARINAC is best medicine for Flu, Fever, Cold, Nasal Congestion, Sinusitis and Headache etc. If you are facing Cold, Fever and Flu, all you need to take this medicine as a remedy

Precaution:Do not Use Any Medicine without Prescription 

ARINAC 120ml Syrup

(Ibupofen/Psedoephedrine HCL)
Arinac 120ml Syrup
Each 5ml contains
Ibuprofen (B.P) 100mg
Pseudoephedrine HCL USP 15mg
Cold, Fever, Flu
Disease (Not Valid)
Fever, Flu
According to doctor’s prescription  
Retail Price in Pakistan
Rs 52

(Ibupofen/Psedoephedrine HCL)
Arinac Tablet
Each film coated tablet contains
Ibuprofen (B.P) 200mg
Pseudoephedrine HCL USP 30mg
Cold, Fever, Flu, Headache, Cough
Disease (Not Valid)
Fever, Flu, Nasal Congestion, Sinusitis
According to prescription 
Per Tablet Price in Pakistan
Rs 2.64

ARINAC Forte Tablet

(Ibupofen/Psedoephedrine HCL)
Arinac Forte Tablet
Each film coated tablet contains
Ibuprofen (B.P) 400mg
Pseudoephedrine HCL USP 60mg
Cold, Fever, Flu, Headache
Disease (Not Valid)
Fever, Flu, Nasal Congestion, Sinusitis
According to prescription
Per Tablet Price in Pakistan
Rs 4.6


  1. Yes, ARINAC is best medicine for Flu.
    If your son is below 8 years, then give him Arinac Syrup three times a day.

    Dosage (1-2 years)
    2.5ml 3 times a day
    Dosage ( 3-7 years)
    5ml 3 times a day
    Dosage (8-12 years)
    10ml 3 times a day

  2. Doctor I have chest congestion and flue since a week, I have took azomax 500 for three days and arinac Forte but still not 100% okay feeling 30% relief what to do? Do I repeat azomax for three days more or switch to third generation medicine such as cefim etc. Guidance please

  3. I have chest congestion and flue since two weeks . I have tried arinac as well as other anti allergics medicine but still I have hv problem . Tired of medicines now .. what should I take

  4. Sir. I feel lots of pain that i cannot able to swallow even water. Flu from last three days. And last night i feel little temperature. But now this time i have no temperature. I just use panadol extra last night. Please advise. Age 35

  5. Sir i have chronic ethmoidal sinus infection which cause ear pain and excess mucus production ..u have tried antibiotics but it didnt which med is best for this disease..

  6. Hi sir. I have get this attack of flu and sore throat 2nd time in one month. I didn't take any medicine last time, only took arinac and it was gone in a week. Now it has attacked again and it's severe. My nose is obstructed badly. Also feeling alot of pain in jaws and head. Which drug to take?

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am having freeze flu result in heavy head and cough for past 1 week , Please recommend me something strong . I also have problem of sinus please advice accordingly .

    Thank you

  8. Asalam ala kum.. Doctor Sahab… i cant feel smell and taste before 6,years i took lots of medicine but all are fail.. i did mri and ct but everything has perfect.. i feel feel in my back side of my head.. i think flu is in my head.. kindly advice what medicine i will take

  9. I have severe nasal congestion from several weeks, I use Xynosine drops but that is affective for some period of time, later one nose gets blocked again. Some one has asked me to take Arinac Forte, Should I take that medicine. Age: 41

  10. Sir, my both nostrils are blocked. I used xynosine but temporary relief. Little heavy head too. Please suggest if i shud take Arinac?
    Age 31

  11. I am having cold flu for the last three days , taking Arinac+Panadol — Today I am feeling pain in stomach, is it due to medicine?

    What medicine should I take.

  12. I'm breastfeeding mom and already taking lincocin 500 mg cap from 3 days due to some infection…today I have sever flu weather I should change my antibiotic or arinac can effective with lincocin? Em 25

  13. Assalam O Alaikum!
    main last 2 years se shadeed qism k cough and flue mein mubtila hn, musalsal cough banta rehta hai aur nazla rehta hai aur mujhe bar bar spit bhi karna parta hai, please koi moassar dawa suggest karein.

  14. Sir. I m 24 years old. I have very sensitive throat and it's been a disaster for me. I m having thorat swelling and flu with fever. I have used calamox 625mg with Rigix tabs for 3 days .three times a day. Bt no significant results.still nose is running and throat is in bad condition . kindly a suggest some good and effective medicine.

  15. Dr Sb,

    My brother is suffering from severe chest congestion and mucus in throat which doesn't comes out with coughing … He coughs whole night and can't sleep and now feels pain in his body, may be due to coughing severely … He caught fever earlier but that is now moderate.

    He has used NUCEF 500mg for two days alongwith Brufin 200mg for two days but to no avail … Today we changed the doctor and he has injected Calamox 1g injection (another one to two similar injections to be injected tomorrow) and advised to take calcimox 625mg twice a day, Fexo-D twice daily, Monaz 1 tablet to be taken in night and Omeday40 1 tablet to be taken in morning and PYROL 3 times a day …

    My brother has taken the doses for day 1 but still we dont see significant relief in coughing caused by mucus in throat … he is unable to sleep due to coughing … Please suggest something that can provide relief from mucus and coughing quickly? Should we go ahead with the above refereed medicine for three days as described by our doctor? Thanks!

  16. AOA… Doctor mera 3 hfty say gala kharab hay pehly slight tha yakhni qawa etc say thora bht thek hogaya tha lekin thand berhi to ziada severe hogya gala baith gaya hay sir bhari hay nazla khansi congestion body pain hay rat ko roz khansi internal mucous say ankh khul jati hay ankhon say nak say Pani ata hay ekdm choking typ arinac forte tab 2 din say use kr rhi Hun 3 tyms a day's thora bht ferq hay bs blkl set nhi ek nak band hay kbi dono phir mun say sans lo nak or halaq say green kbi white nazla nikal rha hy…. Plz suggest sumthing appropriate… koi esi medicine suggest kijieyga Jo preg woman lay skti hon coz I have sum uterus issues too I can't digest heavy medicines… Jazakillahu khair …I m 30 yrs old n married

  17. I am suffering from Flu from last three days , not feeling fever but feeling dull and drowsy .

    I have been told not to use any medicine for three days if you have flu otherwise you get dull mind for many days .

    what should i do ?

  18. Assalamoalikum Doctor Sb.
    I am 32 years married Male, since last one month suddenly i am having pimples on my face on nose, forehead and cheeks, these are big pimples with puss, please suggest something for this.

  19. Dr. Sahaab
    I'm having chesty cough with mucus since 1 month, used Cromosome-E, Bronocal, Actified-DM, Hydrallin , but no effect. Kindly suggest some medicine. Thanx

  20. Doc sir. From last 4 days. My left ear is blocked and u feel air pressure in that blcokage. When I stretch it with fingers it gets open but right after i release the finger, ear gets block again. I dont have any type of pain in ear but only blockage. Please suggest should I take arinac or anything else.

  21. Hi doctor Im from UK now in Pakistan for holiday had flu jag but got flu again block ear foggy head very heavy feel very weird light is irritating taking amoxil and arnic and also migran tabs plz suggest

  22. I have very old sinus from last 3years. I had no discharge from nose. I take arinac forte oftenly. But from last 8days having discharge. now blood also come from nose. Feeling cold. Have cough. plz tell me about medicine

  23. My son is 1 years and 8 months old
    He mostly had flu, i have gave him arinec, it works but when i stop giving him his dose, flu starts again
    Can yoi help me or guide me

  24. AoA.
    Doctor mjy 3 din sy flu, fever or cough hy. Kia men airnac 400mg k sath novidate 250mg tablet ly skti hn. I am also an IBS patient and 20 years old

  25. Dr Sb 2 din say Mera throat kafi kharab hai arinac fort use ki kuch Behtar howa
    Hai and also note that I m feeling heavyNess on both my ears and head ache
    from last one month kindly suggest medicine

  26. Dr sir, 1 month say mujhe nazla, resha, naak band, galay main resha girna, galay main halka sa dard, shadeed khaansi, chest congestion, throat congestion, saans lainay mein mushkil ka saamna hai. i am using softin p, arinac forte, danzen ds from 3 days for resha and nazla and continously using muconyl syrup from 1 month for breathing issue but no improvement in health. I have allergy and asthma issues when weather changes. kindly suggest effective and efficient medicine for my health issues

  27. Sir mien 7th month pregnant hun bohat severe nazla hai with scratchy throat and cough kya le sakti hun medicine jo safe ho.. arinac simple chalegi?

  28. I am taking leaflox500 once a day and arinac tablet 2 times a day from 2 days but still i have a fever n flue . Advise me what to do?

  29. Sir i have unstopable watery fluid coming out of my nose …i used zyrtec tab for 3 days but still no improvement ..please suggest somethink effective …age 20

  30. Salam sir for a long time of approximately one year i feel a very little pain in my throat and my one side of nose on which side i sleep mucus closes my nasal i breathe from other side of my nose. After some weeks this condition becomes intense and i have to use cold, flu, fever and cough medicines but could not recover completely even after using medicines for weeks please suggest something

  31. I am having severe pain on the left side of my head whenever i cough. Sometimes there is mucus coughing and it causes severe pain on left side of my head.
    Age: 27

  32. Hello my grandparent is around the age of 55 or above than that and she is having hypertension and diabetes mellitus.. now a days she is suffering from cough and she has been given arinac tablet and has been nebulized by ventolin.. can you suggest the recommended treatment

    • Consult with your nearest doctor, because your grandparent has hypertension and diabetes.
      Its difficult to suggest you any medicine without any diagnose or sample.

  33. Sir,I have been facing worst kind of flu since childhood many time i has got medicine treatment but get not rid.In privous i only was faced flu in cold but this year,I’m facing all the time many product can use but failed to get rid please sir my humble request is recommend me good medicine, due to flu my eyes remain red flu putting pressure on my eyes suggest me good medicine Thank you.

  34. sir i have a problem, i dont get hungry and when i feels that my energy level is going down then i go to eat something but when sometimes i feel hunger and eat something then i feel burden on stomach and cannt digest the food normally,but takes too long.also when i get up in the morning,there is bad odor and taste in my mouth down the stomach and dont want to eat something….but when i wait too long then i feel pain in stomach…….tell me the solution plz…… it due to too much acidity or low acidity bcoz after eating somthing i go for a cold drnk but without that i feel too much heat inside the abdomen

  35. Aoa. I have fever around 101 n cough with flu also nausea n headache throat hurts that it is difficult to talk n swallow kindly advice me sum medicine

  36. Sir i Am not feeling well headache and fever from 2 days feeling very uncomfortable this infection happens with me after every 3-4 months..please help me and guide me sir which tablet to take

  37. Comment:Asslam O Alikum doctor sir Mary mussel mein pain hoti 2 3 month bad kahi dafa chalna mushkil hu jata koi achi si Madison btye

  38. Sir.. I have a problem of sinus. I had a surgery for it since then it’s relaxing but whenever the weather change, I had to deal with the nose running, throat pain and mucus. So plz suggest me better medicine for its treatment.
    Thank you!

  39. AOA, I have tonsilitis, which often gets swelled up due to which i have to suffer from FLU and body aches more often than other does. Tonsilitis keep coming back and due to the boday aches and heavy head i feel difficulty in concentration i am 28 yrs old working as an engineer. Please suggest me how to cater this. do i need to operate out my tonsils. Thank you

  40. Sir i have flu for last 2 or 3 years please recommend best medicine because i try many tab including arinac tab but it doesn’t work fully …. and breathing with voice all time ?
    i am regular smoker age 22

  41. Dear Dr. sahib, I have infection in my nose, due to which I feel much pain in front of my nose. Moreover, I am suffering with flue with water. Kindly advise.

  42. AOA. My 25 days old is having serious constipation and pass stool only with glycerine supporties stool is sometimes like. Pallets. And some comes. With minor blood. Now she has nasal congestion pl. Guide some medicine. Is babynol ok for her?

  43. Sir I have throat infection and flu
    In past I used to take arinac forte but now it is not available in stores so what should I take?

  44. مجھے ایک سال میں تقریبا 10سے زیادہ بار بخار ہوتا ہے…
    برائے مہربانی مجھے کوئی دوائی بتادے…

    مجھے ایک سال میں تقریبا 10سے زیادہ بار بخار ہوتا ہے…
    برائے مہربانی مجھے کوئی دوائی بتادے…
    جتنی بار ٹیسٹ کروائے ہیں کلیئر ہی آئے ہیں

    • Ap drinks ka istimal balkul na karain..nim garam pani piyay..or shuru ma high antibiotics na khain…because your immune system seems weak…

  45. Sir my mom is suffering from fever last two days.. she feels pain in chest, both sides pain and waist pain due to rough cough. Now suggest some good medicines for my mom please…

  46. i have bad watery flu since last 3 days i have tried arinac syrup and cold rex syrup still flu is watery and flowing … obviously meds arnt working …. i also took arinac tab but i could not find arinac ford as its short in the markets …. tell me some medicine that will end my flu fast as im already suffering from last 3 days …tell me something that will dry the flu fast

  47. Salam i have been taking arinac for the last 2-3 years for arinac but now it has developed immunity so it does not cure my flu
    what medicine for runny nose , sneezing, severe flu should i take? Please suggest

  48. Aoa. My one month old son is having cough and breathing problem, especially while feeding. Also different noises came while feeding and when he is sleeping. Plz suggest medicine.
    Ghrrr ghrrr ghrrr sound is promonent during sleep.

  49. Aoa. I am 33 year old. I have mucus and chest conjection history since childhood.
    Currently i am suffering since 2month and i have done 2times (5days) levo. With telfast d and montilucast but still not recovered yet. Ki dly suggest.
    Note: i am a smoker. And smoke upto 20cigs a day

  50. Asalam o Alaikum
    Sir I am 32 years old.
    I have flu for the last 05 days and little bit of fewer as well, what medicine should i take.

  51. i have fever cold and flu and too much headache for 3 days. Tomorrow is my matric paper. PLease suggest me some medicine which can help me to get better. Thanks

  52. i am 16yrs i have fever cold and flu and too much headache for 3 days. Tomorrow is my matric paper. PLease suggest me some medicine which can help me to get better. Thanks

  53. Dear Sir
    Kindly tell me the alternat tablet of arinac because this tablet is short or unavailable in market.kindly reply me fast

  54. I have facing cough flu and watery eyes for last fifteen days and use arinac tablets or panadol cf but still face disease at yet.please suggest a medicine

  55. hello sir, my daughter is 4.5yrs old, she is suffering from cough, cold and fever, what should i give to her??
    arinac syp along with acefyl is ok??

    Please reply quickly