14 Fruits and Vegetable Rich Juices for Different Diseases

Fruits and Vegetable Rich Juices for Different Diseases

Fruits and Vegetable Rich Juices for Different Diseases

Right combination of fruit and vegetable juices can help you to balance your health in a better way. Fruits and vegetable juices are easily digested in our stomach. Therefore better to make juices instead of taking as a whole. If you want to add more flavours and proteins to these juices, you can add milk, peanut butter, chocolates, and sugar in it as well. The best way to lose weight is to add more juices in your food. These juices are being used as a remedy for number of diseases, like depression, constipation, indigestion, asthma, cold, stress etc.

Note: Fruit juices have one disadvantage over vegetable juices. Actually fruit juices increase insulin level while vegetable juices do not increase insulin level in the body.
Secondly vegetable juices are most perishable foods, therefore best to drink within 24 hours.

So let’s jump to see all those fruits and vegetable rich juices, which work against different diseases.

1- Juice for Eyes (Carrot+Celery)
Juice for Eyes (Carrot+Celery)
2- Juice for Arthritis (Carrot+Celery+Pineapple+Lemon)
Juice for Arthritis (Carrot+Celery+Pineapple+Lemon)
3- Juice for Asthma (Carrot+Spinach+Apple+Garlic+Lemon)
Juice for Asthma (Carrot+Spinach+Apple+Garlic+Lemon)
4Juice for Cold (Carrot+Pineapple+Ginger+Garlic)
Juice for Cold (Carrot+Pineapple+Ginger+Garlic)
5- Juice for Constipation (Carrot+Apple+Fresh Cabbage)
Juice for Constipation (Carrot+Apple+Fresh Carbbage)
6- Juice for Depression (Carrot+Apple+Spinach+Beet)

Juice for Depression (Carrot+Apple+Spinach+Beet) 7- Juice for Fatigue (Carrots+Beet+Green Apple+Lemon+Spinach)

Juice for Fatigue (Carrots+Beet+Green Apple+Lemon+Spinach)
8- Juice for Hangover (Apple+Carrot+Beet+Lemon)
Juice for Hangover (Apple+Carrot+Beet+Lemon)
9- Juice for Headache (Apple+Cucumber+Kale+Ginger+Celery)
Juice for Headache (Apple+Cucumber+Kale+Ginger+Celery)
10- Juice for Indigestion (Pineapple+Carrot+Lemon+Mint)
Juice for Indigestion (Pineapple+Carrot+Lemon+Mint)
11- Juice for Kidney Detox (Carrot+Watermelon+Cucumber+Cilantro)
Juice for Kidney Detox (Carrot+Watermelon+Cucumber+Cilantro)
12- Juice for Kidney Stone (Orange+Apple+Watermelon+Lemon)
Juice for Kidney Stone (Orange+Apple+Watermelon+Lemon)
13- Juice for Nervousness (Carrot+Celery+Pomegranate)
Juice for Nervousness (Carrot+Celery+Pomegranate)
14- Juice for Stress (Banana+Strawberry+Pear)
Juice for Stress (Banana+Strawberry+Pear)


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