UROBUTIN (Oxybutynin) Best Medicine To Control Urinary Frequency

Urinary Frequency

Best Medicine To Control Urinary Frequency 

Urobutin is produced by Focus&Rulz, which contain Oxybutynin HCl. It is an anti-cholinergic agent, which also exerts direct relaxant effects on smooth muscles. It actually inhibits bladder contractions and relieves spasm induced by various stimuli. Oxybutynin increases bladder volume, diminishes the frequency of contractions and delays the desire to void in functional disturbances of neurogenic bladder. Clinical studies have demonstrated that oxybutynin markedly decreases the inner pressure of bladder and reduces symptoms of pain, urinary frequency, desire to avoid and stress incontinence in patients with reflex or uninhibited neurogenic bladder.

Indications: UROBUTIN is being used for the indication of
1- Urinary frequency, incontinence and nocturnal enuresis, in bladder dysfunction, especially in the elderly
2- Uninhibited hyperactivity after bladder surgery, prostatectomy and in association with acute and chronic cystitis

Contraindications: Urobutin should not be administered in patients with glaucoma, partial or incomplete gastrointestinal obstruction, intestinal atony, myasthenia gravis, prostatic hypertrophy or other diseases causing urinary retention.

Precautions: Urobutin should not be administered in pregnancy OR you can consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Carefully administer while dosing a child.
Adverse Reactions: Some normal adverse reaction includes dry mouth, blurred vision, decreased sweating, drowsiness, constipation etc.  

Precaution:Do not Use Any Medicine without Prescription 

UROBUTIN 5mg Tablet

(Oxybutynin HCL) 
Urobutin 5mg Tablet
Each tablet contains
Oxybutynin HCL BP 5mg
Urinary frequency, dysuria, urine leaking, pain in bladder, burning while pee
Disease (Not Valid)
Incontinence and UTI
According to prescription
Per tablet price in Pakistan
Rs 10

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