Colic Drops For Newborns and Infants

Colic Drops for newborns

Colic Drops For Newborns and Infants 

Colic Drop is produced by Lasani, which is being used for symptomatic relieve of abdominal distention, Nausea and Vomiting, loss of appetite, heartburn, gas and indigestion of food. It is anti-flatulent and antispasmodic, which evacuate the bowels of newborn babies and infants. It also prevents constipation in children.

Side Effects: There is no side effect of Colic Drops, because it is herbal product.

Colic Drops 25ml


Colic Drop 25ml

Compositions Each 10gm contains

Zanjibil 12.31mg

Ajowain 32.84mg

Badiyan 36.95mg

Podina 12.31mg

Soyia 41.05mg

Zira Safaid 12.31mg

Sugar and Glucose Q.S

Symptoms Abdominal Pain, Indigestion, Vomiting

Loss of appetite

Rough Diagnose (Not Valid) Stomach and Abdominal Pain
Dose: Infants up to 6 months

Dose: Infants up to 1 year

Dose: More than 1 year

3-6 drops 3 times a day

8-10 drops 3 times a day

15 drops 3 times a day

Company Lasani
Retail Price In Pakistan Rs 35