Aptizyme: Best Syrup To Increase Appetite in Babies

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Best Syrup To Increase Appetite in Babies

Aptizyme is produced by Global laboratories, which is being used for loss of appetite, lack of vital power and general weakness, bad taste of mouth, anemia and vertigo etc. If your child is not taking food or he/she feels weakness, your child needs Aptizyme as a remedy. It is also being used as multivitamin, which contains multiple ingredients in it.

Note: There is no side effect of using this syrup, because this syrup is made from natural herbs.

Contraindication: Do not use this syrup, if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients

Aptizyme 120ml Syrup

(Natural Appetizer & Multivitamins)

Aptizyme Syrup

Compositions Each 20ml contains

Achillea Millefolium ext(Bp) 62.5mg

Cichorium Intybus ext(IP) 62.5mg

Cassia Occidentalis ext(JP) 62.5mg

Emblica Officinalis ext(IP) 62.5mg

Piper Longum ext(IP) 62.5mg

Tamarix Gallica ext(IP) 62.5mg

Tribulus Terrestris ext(JP) 62.5mg

Elettaria Cardamomum ext(IP) 62.5mg

Capparis Spinosa ext(IP)62.5mg

Symptoms Loss of appetite

Lack of vital power &

General weakness

Bad taste of mouth

Anaemia and vertigo

Rough Diagnose (Not Valid)



Deficiency in vitamins and loss of appetite


According to doctor’s prescription

Company Global
Retail price in Pakistan Rs 140


  1. Salam sir mera baby 13 months ka hai bilkul khata nahi hai usko bhook nahi pagti sirf doodh peeta hai kiya mai baby ko aptizyme desakti hu

  2. Bahut awlla website sir!

    Mera qadd bahut kamm hai… Aur mujhy har koi kehta hai k apki growth rukk gai hai……
    Jisam bhe kamzor hai…. Aur qadd bhe chota hai…. Dr.shb koi aisi medicine بتائے ka mera qadd bhe barhny lagg jaye aur jisam Bhe بہتر hujye…. Please